Who We Are

Rachel Pope had a dream of owning and running a second-hand bookshop, and on moving to Hamilton, the dream became reality. Browsers opened its doors in May 1996.

Initially, Rachel was in business with Warwick Jordan, whose legendary “Hard to Find” bookshop in Onehunga provided much inspiration and direction for Browsers. Since 2008, Browsers has been 100% locally-owned and operated.

‘My vision is to inspire my customers through good music, comfortable surroundings, and of course, fantastic books.’ – Rachel Pope

Over the years, Browsers had some great staff – some of whom started out as customers… and kept pestering until they got jobs! One or two staff members have gone overseas on exciting adventures, and have then come right back again.

All of Browsers’ staff has a passion for books. They are all voracious readers and possess a huge wealth of knowledge in their areas of expertise.

‘We are proud of our valued reputation for integrity and good service.’ – Rachel Pope

Rachel Pope - Browsers Books